DASH—Keeping a Fresh Approach

Moe: Thanks, Didi.

Didi: For what?

Moe: For everything. Your patience. The writing tips. Your confidence in me. The whole darn thing.

Didi: It’s all back to you, Moe.

Moe: I wouldn’t have improved without you.

Didi: Hey, if I take credit for when you do well, I’ll have to take blame for when you mess up. Believe me: It all goes back to you.

Moe: (Points to his head.) So how do I keep all this up?

Didi: You will.

Moe: I already notice that I write better when you’re around, and when you’re not I slip.

Didi: Then I’ll send you a picture of myself staring right at you for when I’m not around. That’ll keep you honest.

Obviously, Speedy Didi is kidding. What she’s really saying is that Mercurial Moe should write ...

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