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How Women Lead: The 8 Essential Strategies Successful Women Know

Book Description

LEAD LIKE A WOMAN “Rich with proven, practical knowledge and insights from highly successful women that you can put into action immediately to create your executive presence, be viewed as ‘leadership material,’ and maximize your opportunities.” —Nina McLemore, Founder and CEO, Nina McLemore, Inc.; founder and former President, Liz Claiborne Accessories; former member Executive Committee, Liz Claiborne, Inc. “A fabulously insightful and powerful book for women who aspire to business leadership. Relying on decades of experience and research, the authors reveal key insights and successful strategies, including practical how-to advice, to en¬able women to hone and enhance their inherent leadership strengths.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. How Women Lead: 8 Essential Strategies Successful Women Know
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. The Women Leaders Interviewed for This Book
  8. The New World of Women’s Leadership
    1. Sharon’s Story
    2. Fast-Forward to Today
    3. Women Won’t Wait for the System to Fix Itself
    4. Why We Wrote This Book
    5. What We Bring to the Table
    6. The Eight Success Strategies Successful Women Know
  9. SUCCESS STRATEGY ONE: Empower the Woman Leader Within
    1. Testing the Waters
    2. Become Confident Leading Like a Woman
    3. Realize Women’s Leadership Styles Have a Foundation in Science
    4. Lead Like a Woman
    5. Position Yourself for the Future
  10. SUCCESS STRATEGY TWO: Own Your Destiny
    1. Break Free of the Boundaries
    2. Define Success in Your Own Terms
  11. SUCCESS STRATEGY THREE: Be the Architect of Your Career
    1. Career Progression Is Not a Straight Track
    2. Choose the Right Place to Work
    3. The Basics of Building a Strong Foundation
    4. The Building Blocks
    5. Options and Opportunities
    6. Continue the Journey
  12. SUCCESS STRATEGY FOUR: Advocate Unabashedly for Yourself
    1. Be Your Strongest Advocate
    2. Create Networks of Advocates and Allies
  13. SUCCESS STRATEGY FIVE: Translate the Stories Numbers Tell to Drive Strategic Results
    1. Laura’s Story
    2. Make Business Acumen a High Priority
    3. Make the Numbers Your Allies
    4. Your Company Is Not An Island
  14. SUCCESS STRATEGY SIX: Create Exceptional Teams
    1. Be the Orchestra Conductor, Not the Tuba Player
    2. Create a Culture of Success
    3. Hire the Best
    4. Be a Team Player Yourself
  15. SUCCESS STRATEGY SEVEN: Nurture Your Greatest Asset—You
    1. Integrate Your Life; Balance Is a Myth
    2. Invest in Yourself: Your Intellectual, Physical, and Spiritual Well-Being
    3. Create the Personal Wealth to Give You the Life You Want
  16. SUCCESS STRATEGY EIGHT: Turn Possibilities into Reality
    1. Women Reaching Up and Reaching Back
    2. The Power of Philanthropy to Create Change
    3. Be Open to Serendipity
    4. Celebrate the Journey
  17. Biographies
  18. Works Cited
  19. Notes
  20. Index