Chapter 7. File Permissions

Chapter Syllabus

  • 7.1 Who Are UNIX Users?

  • 7.2 Types of File Permissions

  • 7.3 Modifying File Permissions

  • 7.4 Default File Permissions

  • 7.5 Changing the Owner and Group of a File

  • 7.6 Special File Permissions

  • 7.7 Finding Files Having a Particular Set of File Permissions

  • 7.8 Access Control Lists

  • 7.9 Miscellaneous Commands

In a multiuser operating system like UNIX, many people are using system resources including disks and files. It is important to keep individual user files secure so that other users are not able to read, modify, or delete them. At the same time, users may be working on the same project and need to share files among themselves. It becomes important that a user be able to grant read or write access to some of the other ...

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