If available, use Safeguard software or a third party object security product to grant
access to NLD object files only to users who require access in order to perform their
BP-SAFE-NLD-01 Add a Safeguard Protection Record to grant appropriate
access to the NLD object file.
Discovery Questions Look here:
OPSYS-OWNER-02 Who owns the NLD object file? Fileinfo
FILE-POLICY Who is allowed to execute NLD on the system? Policy
Is the NLD object file correctly secured with the
Guardian or Safeguard system?
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Securing Applications
Libraries, SRLs & Common Routines
Native Object File Tool (NOFT) User Program
NOFT reads and displays information from native object files. It is the native equiva-
lent of BIND for native code programs written in Native C, Native C++, Native
NOFT can be run interactively from a TACL prompt in the Guardian environ-
ment or an OSS shell prompt or as a batch process issuing commands from a terminal
or an obey file.
Determine the optimization level of procedures in a file
Display object code with corresponding source code
List shared run-time library (SRL) references in an object file
List unresolved references in an object file
List object file attributes
RISK NOFT commands are not destructive, but can be used to view native
program code.
348 Native Object File Tool (NOFT) User Program

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