Appendix A. OpenView Commands Quick Reference Guide


  • findroute—Determine IP routing using SNMP requests

  • ipmap—Display map of network discovered by netmon

  • loadhosts—Load IP topology database from /etc/hosts

  • netmon—Discover and monitor nodes on the network

  • nmdemandpoll—Poll a node for information

  • opcctrlovw—Remote server for NNM

  • ovactiond—Execute shell command upon receipt of an event

  • ovaddobj—Object registration utility

  • ovalarmadm—Command used in NNM event subsystem

  • ovalarmsrv—Background process for NNM event subsystem

  • ovbackup.ovpl—HP OpenView NNM backup utility

  • ovchange_locale_mapping—Specify the codeset in use by the HP

  • ovcoldelsql—Delete SNMP trend data from the NNM data warehouse

  • ovcolmigo—Migrate ...

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