Running and Using SAM as Superuser

To run SAM, log in as root and type:

# sam(or sam &)

This will invoke SAM. If you have a graphics display, SAM will run with the Motif interface. If you have a character-based display, SAM will run in character mode. You have nearly all the same functionality in both modes, but the Motif environment is much more pleasant to use.

If you have a graphics display and SAM does not come up in a Motif window, you probably don't have your DISPLAY variable set for root.

Type the following to set the DISPLAY variable for default POSIX, Korn, and Bourne shells:

# DISPLAY=system_name:0.0
# export DISPLAY

Just substitute the name of your computer for system_name. This can be set in your local .profile file. If you're running ...

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