10.10. Network-Related Tuneable Parameters

There are various ways to tune networking in HP-UX. There are general kernel parameters, specific network protocol parameters, and interface-card-specific parameters. Each of these parameters are tuned using different methods. The networking-specific protocol parameters can be modified using the ndd(1M) command on HP-UX 10.x and later. Finally, the lanadmin(1M) command can be used to manipulate adapter-specific parameters.

10.10.1. Kernel Tuneable Parameters for Networking

For HP-UX 10.x systems, kernel parameters can be adjusted via sam or via the /stand/system file. For HP-UX 11.x systems, the kmtune(1M) command can also be used for tuning these parameters. Finally, for HP-UX 11i v2 and later releases, ...

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