Chapter 18

Termination, Change and Redundancy

In This Chapter

arrow Letting your employees know about change in your business

arrow Understanding when redundancy is genuine

arrow Keeping in mind small-business exemptions

arrow Working out who stays and who goes

arrow Transferring employees to other businesses

It’s a recession when your neighbor loses his job. It’s a depression when you lose yours.

Harry S Truman

T he business environment is ever changing. ‘Innovate or perish’ is the motto that your small business must live by if it wishes to grow and prosper. You need to consider changes to product and services, work methods, and the number and nature of jobs.

In this chapter I guide you through the challenging task of managing staff on the road to changing your business to a better and more successful enterprise. Your small business may be exempt from redundancy pay but you still need to navigate plenty of other regulatory obstacles through this journey. I explain the rules under the Fair Work Act, and the ...

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