HRCI Certification Exams: Your Video Coach to Preparing and Passing the Exams

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HRCI Certification Exams: Your Video Coach to Preparing and Passing the Exams provides HR professionals studying for the HRCI exams a resource for calming their fears about the exams and for setting up their own study plan.



One of the most important and exciting additions to Pearson’s new product line for PHR/SPHR test prep is the new video series. This particular video is particularly important and unique because it reaches beyond subject matter expertise. We compiled the questions most frequently asked by others, like you, who were also studying for the HRCI exams, so that we could provide a coach’s approach to addressing each question. You will have the opportunity, through this video series, to work with Kelley Doyle Snyder, a business professional, entrepreneur, and life coach who holds the designation of Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation.

In this video, you can interact with Kelley as you would with any certified life coach. Just select the questions that resonate most deeply with you and listen to Kelley’s responses. But don’t expect "easy answers"—because there is no such thing in coaching, or even in life. Rather, Kelley will challenge and encourage you to "do the work" necessary to empower yourself as you prepare to take the PHR and SPHR exams. And, because Kelley has recorded her responses, you can access Kelley’s insightful suggestions, observations, and strategies as often as you would like.


About the Instructors

Cathy Pantano Winterfield, MBA, MSHE, SPHR, ACC, is President of NovaCore Performance Solutions, a firm dedicated to enhancing the performance of individuals and teams in the workplace. This enterprise represents the culmination of more than 25 years of experience in human resources, training, consulting, management, and coaching in businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and governmental entities. Previously, Cathy served as a member of the Extension Faculty of Cornell University—School of Industrial and Labor Relations, where she was the Director of Human Resource Management Programs. In this role, Cathy designed and directed HR management programs, developed and delivered workshops to managers and HR professionals, formulated training recommendations to remedy specific learning needs within a variety of organizations, and consulted with clients.

Cathy has written several books:

  • Performance Appraisals for Silver Lining Publications, a division of Barnes & Noble
  • PHR Exam Prep for Que Publishing, a division of Pearson Education (first and second editions)
  • Mission-Driven Interviewing: Moving Beyond Behavior Based Questions by PTI Publishing

Cathy has presented at national and local conferences on a variety of topics related to human resources and management development. In addition, she has co-authored more than a dozen online courses in leadership, human resources, management development, and organ donation.

Cathy holds a bachelor of arts degree from Ithaca College, a master of business administration degree from Pace University, and a master of higher education degree from Kaplan University, with a specialty in online college teaching. She has earned the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential from the International Coach Federation. She is also a certified administrator of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Step I and Step II Assessments, and the Extended DISC. Cathy has likewise earned the Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) designation from the Human Resource Certification Institute, and the CCP (Certified Compensation Professional) designation from WorldatWork. She is a member of the Society for Human Resources Management, the American Society for Training & Development, and the International Coach Federation.

Kelley Snyder is a certified coach, Daring Way™ facilitator, and yoga instructor. Her company, Kelley Doyle Coaching, LLC, specializes in working with individuals to live more bold and authentic lives. Kelley holds a bachelor of arts degree in psychology from Syracuse University and is a graduate of Coach U. She is a certified Daring Way™ facilitator of Dr. Brené Brown’s curriculum to help individuals show up, be seen, and live braver lives. And as a registered yoga teacher, Kelley has taught yoga and meditation at the YMCA in Charlotte, North Carolina since 2010.

She started her coaching business in 2002 following a successful career in television network sales at Discovery Channel. Since 2002, Kelley has accumulated thousands of hours coaching entrepreneurs, financial advisors, attorneys, and corporate executives. In 2013, she added Daring Way™ workshops and retreats to her list of client services. Kelley is passionate about people discovering what it means to be fully alive and encourages them to pursue it boldly.


Skill Level

  • All Levels

What You Will Learn

  • Techniques for coping with test anxiety
  • Strategies for developing your own study plan

Who Should Take This Course

  • The primary audience for this publication consists of HR professionals who have not yet successfully passed the PHR examination. This larger audience includes two subsets of this group: individuals who have already taken the examination (but did not pass it), and those who have not yet taken the examination.

Course Requirements

  • Basic understanding of how to use your Mac or PC video player


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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Introduction 00:02:52
  2. Questions
    1. QUESTION #1: I am nervous about taking this test. I have heard that the fail rates are very high, and that makes me feel like the odds are already against me. Help! 00:03:19
    2. QUESTION #2: I've started biting my nails / smoking cigarettes / eating potato chips by the bagful. What can I do to stop these 'bad habits' from becoming permanent--yet still keep my 'sanity' while I study for this test? 00:02:05
    3. QUESTION #3: I don't have enough time to prepare. I mean, I don't even have enough time now to do my laundry or go grocery shopping! How am I supposed to fit this into my schedule, as well? 00:05:55
    4. QUESTION #4: My spouse / partner / roommate just doesn't 'get' what I'm going through. What can I do to make them understand, and support me more? 00:05:09
    5. QUESTION #5: What if I fail? 00:03:13
    6. QUESTION #6: I failed the test before. I have no idea why I am putting myself through this again. What was I thinking? And what do I do now, since I've already paid to take this? 00:02:28
    7. QUESTION #7: I have heard so much about this test, and I'm terrified. Help! 00:03:44
    8. QUESTION #8: What can I expect this experience to be like? 00:01:58
    9. QUESTION #9: What are the first things I need to do to get started? 00:05:48
    10. QUESTION #10: Why doesn't SHRM support this test anymore? Why did they start offering their own certification, instead? And, is that one easier? Maybe I've made a mistake... 00:02:37
    11. QUESTION #11: I did awful on the assessment / pre-test. Should I just give up now? 00:02:56
    12. QUESTION #12: No one at my job knows that I'm going to be taking this test. Should I tell them so that I can get their support? 00:03:26
    13. QUESTION #13: I was hired at my new job with the stipulation that I would take, and pass, this test. The pressure is incredible. I'm afraid I will be fired if I fail it. HELP! 00:05:51
    14. QUESTION #14: What if I just barely pass the test? 00:01:08
    15. QUESTION #15: Can you please just tell me what the best study plan is? I think that might be much better than me trying to develop one on my own... I would hate to be wrong about this. 00:03:42
    16. QUESTION #16: I don't test well. I never have, and I never will. What am I going to do? 00:01:39
    17. QUESTION #17: There is so much to study! How will I ever get through it all? 00:01:38
    18. QUESTION #18: I have kids / a demanding job / elderly parents / some combination of the above--there is no way I can get all of this done. There--I said it. Now what? 00:03:41
    19. QUESTION #19: I keep procrastinating. But, at the end of the day, all too often I haven't done any studying. What can I do about this? 00:05:26
    20. QUESTION #20: I had a study plan, but I have fallen behind. WAY behind. What can I do at this point? 00:01:32
    21. QUESTION #21: You know... I'm beginning to think that this it isn't so important to earn this certification after all. Maybe I should just stop. What do you think? 00:02:46
    22. QUESTION #22: I have decided that I really do want to embrace this challenge...but I have no idea how to do it. Any suggestions? 00:03:12
    23. QUESTION #23: I've been out of school for years. Actually... decades. I don't know if I can 'do this' anymore. What suggestions do you have? 00:02:33
    24. QUESTION #24: Everyone at my job knows that I'm going to be taking this test. Their constant questions about 'how's the studying going' are making me feel even more nervous. How can I make them stop? 00:02:15
    25. QUESTION #25: I've heard from other people who have taken the test that it's not fair... in fact, that it's tricky. How can I succeed in the face of something that just is not fair? 00:03:44
    26. QUESTION #26: I've heard that the 'HRCI way' can be very different from what a lot of organizations are actually doing. Yet, I have to have experience to take this test. So, what if my experience doesn't coincide with what HRCI says? 00:03:13
    27. QUESTION #27: The HR BOK (body of knowledge) is so large! How can I learn all of this--and remember it? 00:03:01
    28. QUESTION #28: If I fail this test, I will feel like I have wasted my time, my money, and my energy. I don't know how to get past thinking about this. Do you have any ideas? 00:05:43
    29. QUESTION #29: One or two of the six functional areas are totally irrelevant to me, to my employer, and to what I want to do. To be blunt... I HATE this! What can I do? 00:02:29
    30. QUESTION #30: There are just too many laws and too many cases--and I have a problem with that. This country is too litigious--and now I'm being forced to study this? To LEARN this?
  3. Summary
    1. Summary

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  • Title: HRCI Certification Exams: Your Video Coach to Preparing and Passing the Exams
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: August 2015
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 0134175948