HTC One (M8) For Dummies

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Get the most out of your HTC One (M8) smartphone

HTC One (M8) For Dummies is a practical user's guide to the HTC One (M8) device, covering a range of pragmatic and how-to topics, from the most useful features and tricks of the core applications to techniques to get the most out of your smartphone. Approaching the capabilities of the HTC One (M8) from the point of view of a user who is intimidated by the technology, and perhaps a bit baffled by the documentation and online support that come with the phone, this handy guide covers all aspects of the HTC One (M8) in a familiar and friendly tone.

Inside, you'll find trusted and easy-to-follow guidance on everything needed to optimize your experience with your new HTC One (M8) device: setting-up and configuring your phone; staying in touch with texting, e-mailing, and social networking; surfing the web; getting around with maps and navigation; capturing memories with photos and videos; kicking back with movies; loading up on apps; synching with a PC; and so much more.

  • Clearly explains how to integrate e-mail and social networking on one screen

  • Demonstrates why the HTC One (M8) is getting rave reviews, thanks to its amazing camera and video capabilities, battery life, form and function, and overall fantastic benchmarks

  • Shows you how to set up and configure the HTC One (M8)

  • Walks you through expanding your phone's potential with new software releases

  • Don't let the intimidation of technology get the best of you—let HTC One (M8) For Dummies maximize the performance of your awesome new smartphone.

    Table of contents

      1. Introduction
        1. About This Book
        2. Foolish Assumptions
        3. Icons Used in This Book
        4. Beyond the Book
        5. Where to Go from Here
      2. Part I: Getting Started with the HTC One
        1. Chapter 1: Exploring What You Can Do with Your Phone
          1. Discovering the Basics of Your Phone
          2. Taking Your Phone to the Next Level: TheSmartphone Features
            1. Internet access
            2. Photos
            3. Wireless email
            4. Multimedia
            5. Business apps
          3. Customizing Your Phone with Games and Apps
            1. Downloading games
            2. Downloading apps
            3. Digging what’s cool about Android
          4. You and Your Shadow: How Your Cellular Carrier Bills You
            1. Voice usage
            2. Text usage
            3. Data usage
            4. Another consideration: Family plans
            5. Yet one more consideration: International usage
            6. One final consideration: Web subscription fees
          5. Surviving Unboxing Day
        2. Chapter 2: Beginning at the Beginning
          1. First Things First: Turning On Your Phone
            1. Playing with cards for the HTC One
            2. Total recall
          2. Charging Your Phone and Managing Battery Life
          3. Navigating the HTC One
            1. The phone’s hardware buttons
            2. The touchscreen
            3. The extended Home screen
            4. The notification area and screen
            5. The primary shortcuts
            6. The Device Function keys
            7. The keyboard
            8. The orientation of the phone
          4. Going to Sleep Mode/Turning Off the Phone
      3. Part II: Communications
        1. Chapter 3: Calling People
          1. Making Calls
          2. Answering Calls
          3. Not Taking Calls Today
          4. Keeping Track of Your Calls: The Call List
          5. Making an Emergency Call: The 411 on 911
          6. Synching a Bluetooth Headset
          7. Options Other than Headsets
        2. Chapter 4: Discovering the Joy of Text
          1. Sending the First Text Message
          2. Carrying on a Conversation via Texting
          3. Sending an Attachment with a Text
          4. Receiving Text Messages
          5. Managing Your Text History
        3. Chapter 5: Sending and Receiving Email
          1. Setting Up Your Email
            1. Getting ready
            2. Setting up your existing Gmail account
            3. Setting up a new Gmail account
            4. Working with non-Gmail email accounts
            5. Setting up a corporate email account
          2. Reading Email on Your Phone
          3. Writing and Sending an Email
          4. Replying to and Forwarding Emails
        4. Chapter 6: Getting a Grip On Your Contacts
          1. Bringing It All Together
          2. Using People
            1. Learning to read People
            2. Linking Contacts on your phone
            3. Linking contacts on your phone and Gmail account
          3. Entering the Contacts on Your SIM card
          4. Creating Contacts within Your Database
            1. Adding contacts as you communicate
            2. Adding contacts when you’re dialing
            3. Adding contacts manually
          5. How Contacts Make Life Easy
      4. Part III: Live on the Internet: Going Mobile
        1. Chapter 7: You’ve Got the Whole (Web) World in Your Hands
          1. Starting the Browser
          2. Accessing Mobile (or Not) Websites
          3. Getting Around in the Browser
          4. Using Bookmarks
            1. Adding bookmarks
            2. Bookmark housekeeping
          5. Getting Around in Multiple Browser Sessions
          6. Googling Your Way to the Information You Need: Mobile Google Searches
        2. Chapter 8: Playing in Google’s Play Store
          1. Exploring Your Phone’s Mall
          2. Getting to the Play Store
          3. Stocking Your Cart: Shopping for Android Apps
          4. Installing and Managing the Facebook for Android App
            1. Downloading the Facebook app
            2. Creating an account
            3. Accessing Facebook settings
          5. Rating and Uninstalling Your Apps
      5. Part IV: Entertainment Applications
        1. Chapter 9: Sharing Pictures and Videos
          1. Say Cheese! Taking a Picture with Your Phone
            1. Digital magnification
            2. Flashing someone
            3. Sharing photos right away
          2. Getting a Little Fancier with Your Camera
            1. Making a scene selection
            2. Shooting mode setting
            3. Settings for the rookie
            4. Advanced settings and effects options
          3. The Digital Camcorder in Your Pocket
            1. Starting the camcorder
            2. Taking and sharing videos with your camcorder
          4. Managing Your Photo Images
          5. Using Images on Your Phone
            1. Deleting an image
            2. Viewing images on your phone
          6. Sharing Your Photos
        2. Chapter 10: Playing Games
          1. Categorizing Games
            1. The Games home tab
            2. The Categories tab
          2. Leaving Feedback on Games
        3. Chapter 11: Mapping Out Where You Want to Be
          1. Figuring Out GPS 101: First Things First
          2. Practically Speaking: Using Maps
            1. Changing map scale
            2. Finding nearby services
          3. Getting and Using Directions
          4. Upgrading Your Navigation
        4. Chapter 12: Playing Music and Videos
          1. Being Mindful of Carrier Quirks
          2. Are You Not Entertained?
            1. Choosing your headset options
            2. Choosing your Bluetooth speaker options
            3. Connecting to your stereo or TV
            4. Licensing your multimedia files
          3. Enjoying Basic Multimedia Capabilities
            1. Grooving with the Music Player app
            2. Playing downloaded music
            3. Jamming to Internet radio
            4. Looking at your video options
          4. Skyping with Your HTC One
            1. Signing in to Skype
            2. Creating Skype contacts
            3. Setting up a Skype video chat
      6. Part V: Productivity Applications
        1. Chapter 13: Marking It on the Calendar
          1. Syncing Calendars
          2. Getting in Sync with How Often You Sync
          3. Setting Calendar Display Preferences
          4. Setting Other Display Options
          5. Creating an Event on the Right Calendar
            1. Creating, editing, and deleting an event
            2. Keeping events separate and private
        2. Chapter 14: On the Road Again: Taking Work on Your Phone
          1. Preparing for Using Office Apps
            1. Getting ahold of Office files
            2. Cloud computing
            3. Using a VPN
          2. Reading and Editing Files with Your Phone
            1. Creating a document
            2. Sending an Office file as an attachment
            3. Managing Office documents with a server
        3. Chapter 15: Talking with Google Now
          1. Look Ma! No Hands!
          2. Dictating a Text
          3. Preparing to Work with Google Now
          4. Searching the Web by Voice
          5. Changing Settings on Google Now
      7. Part VI: The Part of Tens
        1. Chapter 16: Ten Ways to Make Your Phone Totally Yours
          1. Using a Charging Dock
          2. Driving in Style with a Car Docking Station
          3. Cruising with a Bluetooth Car Speaker
          4. Making a Statement with Wraps
          5. Maximizing Shortcuts from Home
          6. You Look Mahvelous: Custom Screen Images
          7. Personalizing Your App List
          8. Using HTC One as a TV Remote
          9. Checking Out the HTC One Mini+
          10. Keeping Pace with Health and Fitness Monitors
        2. Chapter 17: Ten Ways to Make Your Phone Secure
          1. Use a Good Case and Screen Cover
          2. Put It on Lockdown
            1. Preparing for your screen lock option
            2. Selecting among the screen lock options
          3. Encrypt Your Device
          4. Be Careful with Bluetooth
          5. Protect Against Malware
          6. Don’t Download Apps from Just Anywhere
          7. Buy Antivirus Software
          8. Back Up Your Phone
          9. Rescue Your Phone When It Gets Lost
          10. Wipe Your Device Clean
          11. Put Your Contact Number on the Screensaver
        3. Chapter 18: Ten Features to Look for Down the Road
          1. Fill ’Er Up — Wirelessly
          2. Smarter Customer Care for Your Phone
          3. Control of Other Home Electronics
          4. Entertainment Selector
          5. Information Finder
          6. More and Better Health Sensors
          7. Better 911 Services
          8. Simpler Bluetooth Pairing
          9. More Body English/Less Tapping
          10. Serving You Better
      8. About the Author
      9. Cheat Sheet
      10. More Dummies Products

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    • Title: HTC One (M8) For Dummies
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    • Release date: September 2014
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