Chapter 15

Talking with Google Now

In This Chapter

arrow Telling your phone to make a call

arrow Dictating an email or text

arrow Doing a web search without typing

Every science fiction movie worth its salt predicts a world where we speak to computers rather than typing in data. The reality is that there are many technical obstacles to voice recognition perfectly interpreting your verbal instructions. That doesn’t stop us from having some fun in the meantime, however! Google Now, an app within the Google Search app, can handle some basic functions, including making a phone call, sending an email or a text, searching the Internet, or even updating your Facebook status.

You may love this capability, or you may find it to be a gimmick and not very useful. Try it.

remember.eps You may have heard of Siri on Apple’s iPhone. Siri responds to questions you ask. The Google Now app is the same idea, only it responds to “OK, Google.”

Look Ma! No Hands!

To get started, tap the Google icon. This brings up the screens shown ...

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