Exam Prep Questions

Question 1 When connecting a DVD player to a new HDTV, which type of connection would you use to obtain the best video quality?
  • A. S-video

  • B. Composite video

  • C. Component video

  • D. VHS

A1: The correct answer is c. S-video and composite connections are also used for connecting video components but at a reduced level of quality; therefore, answers A and B are incorrect. VHS is an older standard used for analog video tape recording, so answer D is incorrect.
Question 2 Which type of connector is used with an S-video cable?
  • A. DIN

  • B. RCA

  • C. RJ-45

  • D. Optical

A2: The correct answer is A. S-video coaxial cable uses twin coaxial cables integrated into a singe cable and terminated with a DIN connector. Pins 1 and 3 of a DIN connector carry ...

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