HTML, CSS, and JavaScript® Mobile Development For Dummies®

Book description

Learn to build and optimize attractive, functional web sites for smartphones

Today, mobile devices outnumber desktop and laptop computers three to one. Skill in developing web sites that work on mobile devices is in demand, and this friendly, step-by-step guide shows how to build and optimize sites using HTML5 and other standard web development tools. Building web sites that work for all types of smartphones and tablets, including iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and BlackBerry devices is a skill much in demand as mobile devices outpace both desktop and laptop computers, and this book gets you started.

  • Guides you through creating and optimizing mobile sites with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

  • Covers HTML5, WebKit extensions, platform variations, accommodating different browsers, security issues, and making mobile sites richer with Flash, graphics, and video

  • Includes code for differences in mobile app design and navigation, including touch devices

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Mobile Web Development For Dummies makes it easy to start developing great sites for mobile devices.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Title Page
  4. Introduction
  5. Part I: In the Beginning, There Were No Mobile Devices . . .
    1. Chapter 1: Designing Websites for Big and Small Screens
      1. Introducing the Mobile Internet User
      2. Introducing HTML
      3. Limitations of HTML — Everything on the Table
      4. Introducing XHTML and HTML5
    2. Chapter 2: Bringing More to HTML with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
      1. Understanding CSS
      2. CSS Standards and Versions
    3. Chapter 3: Introducing JavaScript for Building Mobile Web Pages
      1. Getting Mobile with JavaScript
      2. Where to Put JavaScript in Your HTML Script
      3. Functions: Wait Until You're Called!
      4. Let JavaScript Do the Thinking!
      5. Graphic Magic with JavaScript
    4. Chapter 4: Mobile Web Design Software and Utilities
      1. Hand-Coding versus Web Design Programs
      2. Coding by Hand (or Shaving with Glass)
      3. Hand-Coding with Source Code Editors
      4. Advantages of Design Software
      5. Getting to Know Adobe Device Central
      6. Using Your Browser as a Testing Environment
  6. Part II: Creating a Mobile Site
    1. Chapter 5: Thinking Small, Smaller, Smallest
      1. No Mobile Device Gets Left Behind
      2. Finding Out Which Devices Can Do What
      3. When Mouse Clicks become Buttons, Touches, and Multi-Touches
    2. Chapter 6: Developing a Mobile Device Detection and Adaption System
      1. Understanding Mobile Device Detection
      2. Defining Devices by Classes
      3. Letting the User Choose
    3. Chapter 7: Laying Out the Home Page
      1. A Call to Action
      2. Laying Out the Framework
      3. Using CSS for Formatting Columns and Boxes
      4. Using CSS to Format Text
      5. Designing Menus and Navigation
      6. Adding an Image to Your Layout
    4. Chapter 8: Using Templates
      1. Understanding Why Pros Rely on Templates
      2. Working with Dreamweaver Templates
      3. Choosing the Right Template Structure
  7. Part III: Enhancing Your Site with Advanced Interactivity and Multimedia
    1. Chapter 9: Designing Mobile Forms
      1. Understanding XHTML Forms
      2. Creating a Contact Form
    2. Chapter 10: Working with Images, Videos, and Flash Movies
      1. Using Graphics and Images on Mobile Sites
      2. Using Digital Video in Mobile Web Pages
      3. Understanding Flash on Mobile Devices
    3. Chapter 11: Getting to Know HTML5 and CSS3
      1. Discovering HTML5's Latest and Greatest Features
      2. Examining the Most Useful CSS3 Enhancements
      3. Using the New CSS3 Features
    4. Chapter 12: Understanding Mobile WebKit Extensions and Other Mobile-Specific Options
      1. What Are WebKit Extensions?
      2. Creating Artwork with WebKit Extensions
      3. Creating a WebKit Animation
  8. Part IV: Building Real-World Applications
    1. Chapter 13: Automating Your Sites with JavaScript
      1. Who's Looking?
      2. Making Changes for Mobile Devices
      3. Validate Your Forms, Please
    2. Chapter 14: Creating a Mobile Quiz
      1. Understanding Multiphase Application Development
      2. The User Interface
      3. Data Storage
      4. The JavaScript Quiz Project
    3. Chapter 15: Making Your Mobile Site Search-Engine Friendly
      1. You Build It, but They Don't Come
      2. Understanding How Search Engines Find Websites
      3. Preparing Your Site for Search Engines
      4. Using Sitemaps to Submit Your Sites to Search Engines
    4. Chapter 16: Building a Mobile Search Page
      1. Making Your Site Searchable
      2. Finding and Using Search Engine Utilities
      3. Deploying a Google Search of Your Site
      4. Placing a Google Map on Your Website
    5. Chapter 17: Creating a Mobile Shopping Cart
      1. Deciding What You Need Your Shopping Cart to Do
      2. Deploying an Online Mobile E-Commerce Service
      3. Creating a Server-Side Mobile Shopping Cart
  9. Part V: The Part of Tens
    1. Chapter 18: Top Ten Mobile Emulators
      1. Adobe Device Central
      2. Opera Mini Simulator
      3. TestiPhone–iPhone Simulator
      4. iPad Peek
      5. Android Emulator
      6. DeviceAnywhere
      7. Mobile Simulator
      8. User Agent Switcher
      9. Mobile Phone Emulator
    2. Chapter 19: Top Ten Mobile Template Sites
      1. How to Choose a Web Template
      4. MoveToDotMobi
      5. MEE Templates
      6. OSWD
      7. mobiHybrid
      8. Perfectory
      9. FreeTemplatesOnline
      10. bMobilized
    3. Chapter 20: Top Ten Mobile Widgets
      1. Google Maps JavaScript API
      2. JqueryUI Accordion Menu
      3. YouTube Video Bar Widget
      4. jQueryUI Tab Menu Widget
      5. Two-Column Widget
      6. jQuery Droppable Widget
      7. 3D Rotation Viewer
      8. HTML5 Video Player Widget
      9. Rounded Corners, Gradients, and Drop Shadow Widget
      10. Google Web Toolkit Button

Product information

  • Title: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript® Mobile Development For Dummies®
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: September 2011
  • Publisher(s): For Dummies
  • ISBN: 9781118026229