Chapter 10

Working with Images, Videos, and Flash Movies

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding basic web image technology

arrow Encoding digital video for the Web

arrow Embedding images and videos into web pages

arrow Analyzing using Flash in mobile web pages

arrow Embedding Flash movies in web pages

Mobile web users enjoy multimedia — images, digital video, and Flash — just as much as every other Internet user. What they don't enjoy, however, is waiting for gruelingly slow multimedia files that take too long to download, or, even worse, downloaded files that don't work well or don't work at all. As a mobile web designer, it's your job to make users' multimedia experience on your site as pleasant as possible.

When working with media files — especially media files on mobile devices — this is seldom simply a matter of loading the file into a web page and moving onto the next task. Media files designed to appear on computers usually need optimizing for playback in web pages — and, to reemphasize, this is especially ...

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