Chapter 18

Top Ten Mobile Emulators

Mobile emulators allow you to see a simulation of what your mobile site will look like on specific mobile devices. Although this in no way compares to viewing a site on an actual mobile device, they're the next best thing. After all, there's just no way (unless you work in a mobile phone store) to see how your site will display on all the different handhelds on the market.

You should try your site in as many mobile emulators as you can — or as many as you have time for. There are many mobile emulators on the Internet. Some are for specific types of mobile devices, such as iPhones or BlackBerry handhelds; and some allow you to switch between various mobile devices. Some are downloadable utilities you install on your computer, and some are online sites where you enter your mobile site's URL and view the results on a web page.

This chapter looks at some of the more popular and useful mobile emulators. You learn where to find these emulators and how to use them. Viewing your mobile sites in emulators allows you to make critical adjustments to your layout before publishing the site and making it available to the world.

Adobe Device Central

Perhaps the most comprehensive of all device emulators is Adobe's Device Central, shown in Figure 18-1. Device Central is a utility that comes with most of Adobe's popular design and media editing software, such as Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Illustrator. You can't buy it as a standalone application (though ...

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