HTML CSS and JavaScript for Beginners - A Web Design Course

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This course starts from scratch, teaches you how to create websites, and covers everything from the basic syntax (all the common tags used to develop web content and how and where you can write HTML) top resources and links included.

You will learn about HTML structure within web pages; explore HTML5 semantic elements; build your own HTML template; create HTML lists, hyperlinks, and add images; build tables for even more HTML structure; create forms with in-depth form examples and HTML tag explanations; add iframes and more cool HTML elements; create your own mini-HTML site using only HTML; and everything you want to know about CSS, JavaScript, JavaScript Document Object Model (DOM), JSON, AJAX, and jQuery.

By the end of this course, you will be able to build amazing interactive and dynamic websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery.

What You Will Learn

  • Create websites using HTML and CSS
  • Create interactive content online using JavaScript
  • Build a real-world creative and modern website
  • Coding tips and resources for best practices to build a professional website
  • Learn JavaScript Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Learn to implement JSON, AJAX, and jQuery in a website


This course is for everyone who wants to learn web development skills, anyone who wants to learn HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, and web design beginners.

About The Author

Laurence Svekis: Laurence Svekis is an experienced web application developer. He has worked on multiple enterprise-level applications, hundreds of websites, business solutions, and many unique and innovative web applications. He has expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, and MySQL and is also passionate about web technologies, web application development, programming, and online marketing with a strong focus on social media and SEO. He is always willing to help his students experience what technology has to offer and looks forward to sharing his knowledge and experiences with the world.

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Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Introduction to Web Development and Web Design
    1. Introduction to Web Development
    2. How to Use This Course
  2. Chapter 2 : Learn HTML Course Section
    1. Introduction to HTML
    2. Getting to Know HTML
    3. What is an Element
    4. HTML Page Structure
    5. HTML Metadata
    6. HTML Doctype
    7. Try to Make Index Page
    8. Element Formatting HTML
    9. HTML Headings
    10. Self-Closing Tags
    11. HTML Exercise #2
    12. HTML Comments
    13. Preformatted Text
    14. HTML Entities
    15. HTML Text Formatting
    16. More HTML Text Formatting
    17. Practice Text Formatting
    18. Divs and Spans to Organize Content
    19. HTML5 Semantic Elements
    20. Exercise 3: HTML5 Semantic Elements
    21. Placeholder Content
    22. Hyperlinks Anchor Tag
    23. Try to Build a Page
    24. Adding Images to Your Page
    25. Exercise 4: Images
    26. HTML Lists
    27. Exercise 5: Adding Lists
    28. Exercise 6: Rebuild the First Website
    29. Exercise 7: Nested Lists
    30. HTML Tables
    31. HTML Tables with Style
    32. HTML Forms
    33. Create a Contact Form
    34. HTML Form Options
    35. Form Submission
    36. More Input Types HTML5
    37. More with HTML5 Forms
    38. HTML Form Fieldset
    39. Exercise 9: Form Practice
    40. HTML iframes
    41. Exercise #10: Build a Site
  3. Chapter 3 : CSS Section
    1. Introduction to CSS.
    2. What is CSS
    3. Basics of CSS
    4. CSS Inline Style
    5. CSS Style Tag Styling
    6. Creating and Using CSS File
    7. CSS Selection and Classes
    8. CSS Colors.
    9. CSS Background Property
    10. CSS Display Property
    11. CSS for List Items
    12. CSS Exercise #1: Style a Simple Website
    13. Measures and Properties of CSS
    14. CSS Divs and Spans
    15. Styling Text CSS
    16. CSS Font Family
    17. Google Fonts CSS
    18. CSS Exercise #2
    19. CSS Floats Images
    20. CSS Float Elements
    21. CSS Box Model
    22. Exercise 3: CSS
    23. Exercise 3: Solution
    24. CSS Outline
    25. CSS Position
    26. Exercise #4: Image Grid
    27. CSS Fun with Hyperlinks
    28. CSS Pseudo Classes
    29. CSS and Tables
    30. CSS Overflow and MaxWidth
    31. CSS Element Alignments
    32. Website Project Part 1
    33. Website Project Part 2
    34. Website Project Part 3
  4. Chapter 4 : Learn JavaScript Section
    1. Welcome to JavaScript
    2. Write JavaScript
    3. Update HTML Element
    4. JavaScript Code
    5. JavaScript Variables
    6. JavaScript Variables in Action
    7. JavaScript Try it, Exercise #1
    8. Operators and Assignments
    9. JavaScript Functions
    10. JavaScript Exercise #2: Function
    11. Closer Look at Functions
    12. JavaScript Objects
    13. JavaScript #3 Exercise: 3 Objects
    14. JavaScript Arrays
    15. Array Methods
    16. Condition Statements JavaScript
    17. Combine with Functions
    18. JavaScript Switch
    19. JavaScript Loops
    20. JavaScript String Methods
    21. ES6 JavaScript
    22. Document Object Model
    23. Eventlisteners JavaScript
    24. JavaScript Exercise #4: Event Checker Exercise
  5. Chapter 5 : JavaScript Document Object Model
    1. Introduction to JavaScript DOM
    2. What is the DOM
    3. JavaScript DOM Manipulation
    4. JavaScript DOM Selection
    5. Element Text Manipulation
    6. Change Classes DOM
    7. Change Styles DOM
    8. Element Attribute Manipulation
    9. Interactive DOM Events
    10. Select Multiple Elements
    11. KeyPress Events.
    12. JavaScript Mouse Events
    13. JavaScript DOM Create Your Own Elements
    14. Event listeners to New elements
    15. Create Dynamic List
    16. List Project Exercise Input: Add New Element
    17. Project Bonus: Adding Object Value
  6. Chapter 6 : JavaScript JSON and AJAX
    1. Introduction to JSON
    2. What is JSON
    3. JSON as Data
    4. Solution Create JSON
    5. JSON Details
    6. Solution: Output JSON to HTML
    7. JavaScript Arrays of Objects
    8. JavaScript Solution Array Objects
    9. JavaScript Loop Object Data
    10. Solution Loop Object Data
    11. JavaScript Add to Object
    12. JavaScript JSON methods
    13. Local Storage Values
    14. Solution: Local Storage
    15. JavaScript Fetch
    16. Solution: JavaScript Fetch.
    17. Catching Errors Shorthand
    18. JSON with Multiple Items
    19. Solution forEach JSON
    20. JSON Conclusion
  7. Chapter 7 : Learn jQuery
    1. jQuery Introduction to the Section
    2. Why jQuery and What is it
    3. Selecting with jQuery
    4. jQuery Fun with Styling
    5. jQuery Content
    6. jQuery Attributes
    7. Image and Form Attributes
    8. jQuery Click Events
    9. Document Ready Event Listener
    10. jQuery Mouse Events
    11. Keyboard Events jQuery
    12. jQuery on Event listener
    13. jQuery Effects Hide Show
    14. jQuery Fade Effect
    15. jQuery Slide Effect
    16. jQuery Animate Effect
    17. jQuery AJAX
    18. Load and CORS error
    19. AJAX and Form Data
    20. Multiple Items in Response Output
    21. Select Element
    22. Course jQuery Exercise
  8. Chapter 8 : Web Design and Development: Questions, Answers, and Code Snippets
    1. JavaScript PopUp Modal
    2. Box Model and Border Box Sizing Example
    3. How to Select Dynamic Elements from the Page Using QuerySelectorAll
    4. Add Page Elements Dynamically to DOM add Event Listeners, All Matching Elements.

Product information

  • Title: HTML CSS and JavaScript for Beginners - A Web Design Course
  • Author(s): Laurence Svekis
  • Release date: January 2019
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781838551278