• Search engine optimization
  • Using analytics to understand visitors
  • Putting your site on the web

To wrap up the book we are going to look at some practical information that will help you launch a successful site.

There are entire books written about each of the topics covered in this chapter but I will introduce you to the key themes that each subject deals with and give you pointers for what you need to be considering. You will see:

  • The basics of search engine optimization
  • Using analytics to understand how people are using your site after it has launched
  • Putting your site on the web



SEO is a huge topic and several books have been written on the subject. The following pages will help you understand the key concepts so you can improve your website's visibility on search engines.


Search engine optimization (or SEO) is the practice of trying to help your site appear nearer the top of search engine results when people look for the topics that your website covers.

At the heart of SEO is the idea of working out which terms people are likely to enter into a search engine to find your site and then using these terms in the right places on your site to increase the chances that search engines will show a link to your site in their results.

In order to determine who comes first in the search results, search engines do ...

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