Chapter 3

Finding and Setting Up a Web Host


Bullet Understanding web hosting providers

Bullet Examining the various choices for hosting your site

Bullet Choosing the host that’s right for you

Bullet Looking around your new web home

Bullet Getting your site files to your web host

Nothing stinks like a pile of unpublished writing.


You build your web pages from the comfort of your Mac or PC, and if you’ve chosen your text editor well (as I describe in Book 1, Chapter 2), you can even use your computer to preview how your web pages will look in a browser. That’s fine and dandy, but I think you’ll agree that the whole point of building a web page is to, you know, put it on the web! First, you need to subject your code to the wilds of the wider web to make sure it works out there. Even if it seems to be running like a champ on your local server, you can’t give it the seal of approval until you’ve proven that it runs champ-like on a remote server. Second, after your code is ready, the only ...

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