The Document Body

The document body is the meat of the matter; it’s where you put the contents of your document. The <body> tag delimits the document body.

The <body> Tag

Within HTML 4 and XHTML, the <body> tag has a number of attributes that control the color and background of your document. Various browsers have extended the tag to give even greater control over your document’s appearance.

Anything between the <body> tag and its ending counterpart, </body>, is called body content. The simplest document might have only a sequence of text paragraphs within the <body> tag. More complex documents might include heavily formatted text, graphical figures, tables, and a variety of special effects.

Since the position of the <body> and </body> tags can be inferred by the browser, they can safely be omitted from an HTML, but not an XHTML, document. Like the <html> and <head> tags, we recommend ...

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