Chapter 2

It's All About Validation

In This Chapter

arrow Introducing the concept of valid pages

arrow Using a doctype

arrow Setting the character set

arrow Meeting the W3C validator

arrow Fixing things when they go wrong

arrow Using HTML Tidy to clean your pages

Web development is undergoing a revolution. As the web matures and becomes a greater part of everyday life, it's important to ensure that web pages perform properly — thus, a call for web developers to follow voluntary standards of web development.

Somebody Stop the HTML Madness!

In the bad old days, the web was an informal affair. People wrote HTML pages any way they wanted. Although this was easy, it led to a lot of problems:

  • Browser manufacturers added features that didn't work on all browsers. People wanted prettier web pages with colors, fonts, and doodads, but there wasn't a standard way to do these things. Every browser had a different set of tags that ...

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