Section One: Essentials of HTML, HTML5, and CSS

This book is divided into two sections. The first section covers the fundamentals of HTML5 along with the essentials of styling text and creating page layouts using XHTML/HTML and CSS.

Even if you consider yourself a skilled web professional, start with Lesson 1 in this section before jumping ahead to the second section, which starts with Lesson 6, where you’ll dive into HTML5. New web designers and developers, and those updating their skills from table-based HTML development, will want to complete Lessons 1 through 5 before moving on to Section Two in this book.

Lesson 1: Defining HTML5


In this lesson, you will discover the features and capabilities that are part of the HTML5 specification and related web technologies. You will also understand the benefits HTML5 provides to web designers, developers and end-users.

What you’ll learn in this lesson:

  • Needs fulfilled by HTML5
  • The scope of HTML5
  • An overview of HTML5 Syntax
  • An overview of HTML5 APIs and supporting technologies

Starting up

You will not need any files for this lesson.

This lesson provides a general overview of HTML5. The additional lessons include step-by-step exercises, while this lesson provides an overview and road map of what you will be discovering in the future lessons.

Defining HTML5

HTML5 is a combination of new HTML markup tags, CSS3 properties, JavaScript, ...

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