If you’ve been thinking about taking a class online (it’s all the rage these days), but you’re concerned about getting lost in the electronic fray, worry no longer. HTML5 eLearning Kit For Dummies is here to help you, providing you with an integrated learning experience that includes not only the book and CD you hold in your hands but also an online version of the course at and practice files you can download at Consider this Introduction your primer.

About This Kit

Each piece of this eLearning kit works in conjunction with the others. Whether you pop the CD into your computer to start the lessons online, follow along with the book (or not), or go online to see the course, this kit teaches you how to

check.png Build the framework for an HTML document using general best practices for HTML and following new practices in HTML5.

check.png Use the most current tags and elements as you add text, pictures, links, and multimedia content to your web pages. These tags include HTML5 multimedia tags that offer native support for playing audio and video.

check.png Make forms that use new, semantic tags for forms along with long-standing form elements ...

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