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HTML5 for Beginners Learn by Video

Video Description

THIS FOCUSED WORKSHOP provides a 3 hour, high-quality video training introduction to web design in HTML5. Adobe Certified Software trainer Sally Cox shows you how to create an elegant blog site with HTML5. She starts from the ground up, and together you will build a wireframe that will be the foundation of the website which will interactive forms. Sally will show you how to polish up the website with graphics, color, and multimedia, to give the blog a visual appeal. By the end of the course you will have the skills to create your own fully functional blog site that will look and perform beautifully.

Table of Contents

  1. What Is HTML5?
    1. Understanding Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) 00:07:47
    2. Learning the Parts of a Web Page 00:05:15
    3. Writing Your First Snippets of Code 00:03:01
    4. Understanding How Browsers Interpret HTML 00:01:50
    5. Comparing Web Browsers and How They Display Web Pages 00:02:34
  2. Understanding HTML5 Markup and CSS3
    1. Examining HTML Tags 00:02:14
    2. Incorporating HTML5 Tags 00:02:42
    3. Adding Style with CSS3 00:02:44
    4. Working with CSS and HTML5 Together 00:03:25
  3. Beginning with Wireframing
    1. Deciding How Your Site Will Work 00:05:07
    2. Planning the Hierarchy of Your Site 00:03:08
    3. Creating Your First Wireframe 00:02:36
    4. Thinking About Usability 00:02:06
  4. Creating a Simple Blog Design with HTML5
    1. Changing the DOCTYPE of Your HTML5 Document 00:03:03
    2. Understanding the Elements of a Blog 00:01:53
    3. Adding a Header and Footer to Your Blog 00:02:52
    4. Posting to Your Blog 00:02:12
    5. Adding a Sidebar with the Aside Element 00:03:01
    6. Using Lists to Organize Content 00:03:43
    7. Creating Tables within a Web Page 00:06:04
  5. Designing an HTML5 Form
    1. Beginning to Design a Form 00:03:10
    2. Understanding Basic Form Elements 00:03:46
    3. Adding an Attribute to the New HTML5 Input Tag 00:04:09
    4. Highlighting Important Content 00:02:17
  6. Incorporating Graphics
    1. Understanding Web Graphic Formats 00:03:24
    2. Graphic Format 00:02:56
    3. Saving Graphics Properly for the Web 00:06:58
    4. Working with Color on the Web 00:03:03
    5. Resources for Designing with Color 00:03:36
    6. Exploring the Canvas Tag 00:05:34
  7. Importing Multimedia into Your Blog
    1. Why Use Multimedia on Your Blog? 00:02:56
    2. Adding Audio to Your Contact Form 00:03:35
    3. Understanding Video Types for the Web 00:01:24
    4. Working with Video Controls 00:03:30
  8. Conclusion
    1. Updating Your Blog 00:02:17
    2. Changing the Look and Feel of Your Site 00:02:15
    3. Conclusion 00:02:03