HTML5 for Publishers

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HTML5 is revolutionizing the Web, and now it's coming to your ebook reader! With the release of the EPUB 3 specification, HTML5 support will officially be a part of the EPUB standard, and publishers will be able to take full advantage of HTML5's rich feature set to add rich media and interactivity to their ebook content.

HTML5 for Publishers gives an overview of some of the most exciting features HTML5 provides to ebook content creators--audio/video, geolocation, and the Canvas--and shows how to put them in action.

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Table of contents

  1. A Note Regarding Supplemental Files
  2. Introduction
    1. Conventions Used in This Book
    2. Using Code Examples
    3. A Note on Ereader Compatibility
    4. Safari® Books Online
    5. How to Contact Us
    6. Acknowledgments
  3. 1. Canvas for Publishers
    1. Drawing on your <canvas>
    2. Canvas Graphing Calculator
    3. Canvas Finger Painting
    4. HTML5 Canvas, EPUB, and Ereader compatibility
    5. Bibliography/Additional HTML5 Canvas Resources
  4. 2. Geolocation for Publishers
    1. A Geolocated Tale
    2. HTML5 Geolocation, EPUB, and Ereader Compatibility
    3. Bibliography/Additional Resources
  5. 3. <audio>/<video> for Publishers
    1. A Two-Minute Introduction to the <audio> and <video> Elements
    2. An Audio-Enabled Glossary
    3. An HTML5 Video About HTML5 Canvas
    4. EPUB 3 Media Overlays
    5. HTML5 Audio/Video Compatibility in the Browser and Ereaders
    6. Bibliography/Additional Resources
  6. 4. MathML for Publishers
    1. A Fifteen-Minute Introduction to MathML
      1. Presentation MathML
      2. Putting It All Together: Constructing the Quadratic Formula in MathML
    2. MathML Comes Alive: An Interactive Quadratic Equation Solver
      1. Constructing the Equation Solver in HTML
      2. Styling the Equation Solver with CSS
      3. Scripting the Equation Solver with JavaScript
    3. MathML Browser and Ereader Compatibility
    4. Bibliography/Additional MathML resources
  7. 5. SVG for Publishers
    1. A Ten-Minute Introduction to SVG
      1. An SVG “Smiley”
    2. An SVG Coloring Book
      1. Constructing the Coloring Book HTML
      2. Constructing the Coloring Book JavaScript
    3. SVG, EPUB, and Ereader Compatibility
    4. Bibliography/Additional SVG Resources
  8. 6. Embedding HTML5 in EPUB
    1. Alternatives to HTML5 and EPUB
      1. HTML5 and Mobi
      2. HTML5 and Ebook Apps
      3. HTML5 and iBooks Author
    2. Additional Resources
  9. About the Author
  10. Safari® Books Online
  11. Copyright

Product information

  • Title: HTML5 for Publishers
  • Author(s): Sanders Kleinfeld
  • Release date: October 2011
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781449314606