chapter four

Creating the Web Pages

In Chapter 3, you focused on finishing off the page templates. Now you are going to put these page templates to use to create each of the pages for your website.

You are going to learn about several new HTML elements as you progress through this chapter. You will build on what you learned about heading elements in Chapter 3 and will learn how to properly group multiple heading elements together.

Text content will make up the majority of the content for the About page on your website. You will learn about a few new elements that you can use to mark up text (such as <abbr> and <blockquote>), as well as taking a deeper look at the paragraph ­element. (Appendix A includes a number of other text elements that I couldn’t fit into this chapter.)

By the end of this chapter, you will have created all the pages for your website and added content to each of them. As you progress through the rest of this book you will optimize these pages using HTML5.

Adding Content to the Home Page

The home page is the first page that most people will see when visiting your website, so let’s start there. In this section, you’ll learn about an HTML element called <hgroup>; this is a new addition in HTML5.

Completing the Main Feature with Headings and <hgroup>

html5_badge.psd  The <hgroup> element is used in instances where you need to group multiple levels of heading elements. You could ...

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