Chapter 5

Introducing simpleGame.js

In This Chapter

arrow Using the simpleGame engine

arrow Building a game with simpleGame

arrow Understanding properties and methods

arrow Sprite motion methods

arrow Reading the keyboard

Games are a lot of fun to play, and they can be even more fun to create. However, game programming is often considered one of the more difficult forms of programming to learn. Game development might seem a bit intimidating, but there’s good news. It’s more manageable to learn how to build games when you have a library that simplifies all various features you need.

This chapter introduces you to a simple game engine and library called… simpleGame. Along the way you’ll also learn about object-oriented programming and one of the most important types of objects you’ll use: the sprite.

Using a Game Engine

Games often use sophisticated programming techniques, and often require a great deal of math knowledge. Eventually, you’ll learn these things, but even experienced programmers frequently use some ...

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