Chapter 7

Getting to a Game

In This Chapter

arrow Designing a 2D game

arrow Building a game in steps

arrow Creating and using a custom library

arrow Building an array of same-type objects

If you know how to boil and stir, you’ve got some of the mechanics of cooking, but you’re still not a chef. It’s great to know how to build a sprite, how to add sound effects and timers, and how to read the keyboard. But you’re here to make a game. You’re here to find out how to design a game and then to actually build and implement that game design. This chapter walks you through the process of building a real game from beginning to end.

Building a Real Game

If you can build a sprite that moves under user control, you’re getting very close to a real game, but you still need a little more. A game really needs these elements:

check.png Some sort of plot: The plot doesn’t have to be complicated (PAC-MAN), but there has to be some kind of theme or setting.

Some kind of goal: The player must have a goal to achieve. Often a large goal ...

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