Chapter 12

Ten Concepts Behind simpleGame

In This Chapter

arrow How the canvas forms the basis of the game engine

arrow Mathematical foundations of gaming like angles and vectors

arrow How a game engine manages frame rate

arrow Adding custom event handlers for touch interface

arrow How collisions and boundary events work

The simpleGame library is designed to be easy to use. Like most code libraries, it simplifies sometimes complex code. You can use simple Game just fine without understanding how it works, but at some point, you’ll need to know how the various technologies work. In this chapter, I show some of the key concepts used to create the simpleGame engine.

Many of the ideas are code, but some are really math concepts. If you’ve ever asked your math teacher when you would use math, game programming is at least one answer. A game programmer really needs to have a solid grasp of math, at least some algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. It’s even better to have some knowledge of linear algebra, statistics, ...

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