Building the demolition equipment

We have everything we need to build towers, but this game is all about demolition. The player would become bored if all they had was TNT to destroy the towers. We are going to utilize some more physics functions and create some new equipment: a Wrecking Ball and a Magnetic Crane.

Creating a Wrecking Ball

Let's start with the Wrecking Ball as we have already built a large portion of it. We will utilize the Chain and Anchor and add a Ball to it.

  1. Create a new Sprite, spr_WreckingBall, and load Chapter 6/Sprites/WreckingBall.png with Remove Background checked. Center the origin and click on OK.
  2. Create a new Object, obj_WreckingBall, and apply the spr_WreckingBall as its Sprite.
  3. We will want the Wrecking Ball to always ...

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