Have you people-watched lately? If not, you really should. People-watching is both fun and educational. At one time, you wouldn’t see people using computers wherever they went because computers were large, cumbersome devices that no one wanted to take out of the office. Today, you have a hard time finding people who aren’t using a computing device of some sort to perform some task. Developers have an incredible opportunity today to affect people in every walk of life and in any situation imaginable because people carry their computing devices with them far and wide to hold every bit of information they find valuable.

The tools that developers use to create applications must change to reflect this new reality, and HTML5 and JavaScript are the most appropriate tools to accomplish the goals developers have today. You can use the combination of HTML5 and JavaScript to create applications that run on any device using just about any new browser. HTML5 Programming with JavaScript For Dummies is your gateway to an incredible new future of development where you aren’t limited to a specific platform or some vendor’s concept of what tools you should use to create applications. This book helps you gain the skills required to create the new sorts of applications that developers have always wanted to write.

About This Book

HTML5 Programming with JavaScript For Dummies is about possibilities. It focuses on getting started writing code quickly and efficiently. You see lots of coding ...

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