Chapter 2

Assessing Tools of the Trade

In This Chapter

arrow Choosing which browsers to work with during the development process

arrow Choosing an application for writing your HTML5 and JavaScript code

arrow Creating a hosting site to use for testing your application

Most development efforts require the use of tools. JavaScript is no different. You need tools to create, test, and debug (remove errors from) the applications you create. Fortunately, the tools you need to work with JavaScript are few, and you can obtain all of them without paying a cent. JavaScript is unique; there are few other languages that provide anything close to this level of support. With most languages, you have to invest at least a little money to obtain a truly usable set of tools. This chapter shows how to build a useful suite of tools that will work with the three target platforms for this book: Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. However, many of these tools work just fine on other platforms, and you should feel free to expand the list as needed to meet your particular needs.

It pays to categorize the way you use tools. Doing so ensures that you can focus on the requirements of that specific tool and helps you avoid needless ...

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