Chapter 6

Getting to Know the Standard JavaScript Objects

In This Chapter

arrow Using the basic JavaScript objects

arrow Creating, using, and searching strings

arrow Creating and using dates

Chapters 4 and 5 work together to introduce you to the concepts behind variables and objects. Those chapters help you understand why variables and objects are important. In this chapter, you move on to working with specific objects and using these objects to do something interesting. You’ve already been exposed to most of these objects at a very basic level, but it’s time to look at them in more detail because you use these objects to perform a wide variety of tasks in most JavaScript applications. The better you know these objects, the faster and more accurately you can write code to perform special tasks using HTML5 and JavaScript.

remember.eps As mentioned in Chapter 5, the basis for all JavaScript objects is the Object class. If you drill down into any object, you find the Object class mentioned in some way as the endpoint, the progenitor, of that object. In addition, JavaScript treats all variables as objects. In general, ...

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