Chapter 16

Working with XML in JavaScript

In This Chapter

arrow Discovering XML

arrow Using XSLT to display XML data

arrow Creating valid XML data

arrow Using JavaScript to work with XML

The eXtensible Markup Language (XML) is a means of storing data complete with context in a way that’s transferrable to every platform and usable by every browser. That’s a tall order. However, XML is now used for a broad range of storage tasks, even when the storage is on a local system. You also find XML used for everything from application configuration to Web service interactions. Even though XML isn’t a perfect solution for every need, it’s an extremely flexible method for working with data of all sorts.

This chapter begins with a basic overview of XML and provides you with resources for further study, should you want more information. XML is so flexible that entire books are written about the topic that hardly scratch the surface of what you can do. The first section of this chapter focuses on how you work with XML in this book, along with a few basics you need to know.

One of the more important requirements for working ...

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