Time for action – adding a rectangle tool

Let's add a tool to draw rectangles. We'll start by adding a menu item to the Tool drop-down menu with its data-value attribute set to "rect":

<li data-value="rect">Rectangle</li>

Let's implement the drawRect() method in Canvas2D:

this.drawRect = function(point1, point2, fill)
    var w = point2.x - point1.x,
        h = point2.y - point1.y;
    if (fill) context.fillRect(point1.x, point1.y, w, h);
    else context.strokeRect(point1.x, point1.y, w, h);
    return this;

Our drawRect() method takes three parameters; the two points that define top-left and bottom-right coordinates, and a Boolean value to determine if the rectangle should be filled. Since fillRect() and strokeRect() both take width and height parameters we need ...

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