Time for action – adding a text tool

Let's start by adding a new item to the Tool drop-down menu for the text tool:

<li data-value="text">Text</li>

Next, we'll add a drawText() method to the Canvas2D object. It will take the text to draw, a point from where to draw the text, and a Boolean value indicating whether to fill the text or just outline it. If fill is true, it uses fillText() to draw the text, otherwise it uses strokeText():

this.drawText = function(text, point, fill)
    if (fill)
        context.fillText(text, point.x, point.y);
        context.strokeText(text, point.x, point.y);

Now we need a way to allow the user to enter the text that he/she wants to draw. We will need a text input field that we will keep hidden until the user wants to ...

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