Time for action – implementing the algorithm

Let's create a MandelbrotGenerator object in a new file named mandelbrotGenerator.js. This object will implement the algorithm that generates the Mandelbrot. The constructor takes the canvas width and height, and the bounds of the Mandelbrot:

function MandelbrotGenerator(canvasWidth, canvasHeight, left, top,right, bottom)

Next we define the variables that the algorithm uses:

    var scalarX = (right - left) / canvasWidth,
        scalarY = (bottom - top) / canvasHeight,
        maxIterations = 1000,
        abort = false,
        inSetColor = { r: 0x00, g: 0x00, b: 0x00 },
        colors = [ /* array of color objects */ ];

The scalarX and scalarY variables are used to convert the Mandelbrot coordinates to canvas coordinates. They are computed ...

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