Hudl For Dummies, Portable Edition

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The essential beginner's guide to the UK's most popular new tablet

Hudl For Dummies is the indispensible guide to Tesco's highly successful Android tablet. With hands-on instruction tailored to the entry-level user, this book provides expert guidance in clear, concise language to help you get the most out of this great new device. Seasoned technology author Rosie Hattersley walks you through each step, from opening the box to setting up e-mail, accessing Blinkbox, shopping online and more. Even if you're a newcomer to tablet technology, this book will have you up and running in a flash!

By utilizing groundbreaking technology, it's no wonder analysts expect the Hudl to become the UK's leading tablet. While the device itself is intuitive, the Hudl's infinite possibilities can be a bit of a mystery to new users. Hudl For Dummies is the definitive guide to the device, helping you access the full capabilities of your new tablet.

  • Gain a complete understanding of how to get up and running with the Tesco Hudl

  • Download and launch apps with your new tablet to make it a workhorse or an entertainment system

  • Discover how to access the Internet, e-mail, films, music and books

  • Shop online with your new device and find out how to buy Hudl accessories

  • An entire chapter on troubleshooting allows you to bypass the repair shop for minor issues, and gives you the confidence to adjust settings and preferences without the worry of messing something up. Whether you're transitioning to the Hudl from another tablet, or are new to tablets entirely, Hudl For Dummies will take you from a new user to full-fledged Hudl devotee.

    Table of contents

      1. Introduction
        1. About This Book
        2. Foolish Assumptions
        3. Icons Used in This Book
        4. Where to Go from Here
      2. Chapter 1: Finding Your Way Around the Hudl
        1. Checking Out the Specs
          1. Hardware
          2. Software
        2. Unboxing Your Hudl
        3. Getting to Know the Hudl’s Controls
          1. Storing things on your Hudl
          2. Connecting and charging your Hudl
          3. Making audio and video connections
        4. Exploring the Rear of the Hudl
        5. Powering Up Your Hudl
      3. Chapter 2: Setting Up Your Hudl
        1. Switching It On
        2. Connecting to Wi-Fi
        3. Setting Up a Google Account
          1. Creating a secure password
          2. Setting recovery information
          3. Adding or declining optional Google services
          4. Finalising account settings
        4. Setting Up Your Tesco Account
        5. Sharing Your Hudl with a Child
        6. Getting Started with the Hudl
        7. Keeping Your Hudl Secure
      4. Chapter 3: Exploring the Hudl
        1. Getting to Know the Hudl’s Controls
          1. Navigating the Hudl’s screens
          2. Making hidden navigation buttons appear
          3. Checking what’s running on your Hudl
          4. Using the Hudl’s Getting Started app
        2. Exploring the Favourites Bar
        3. Exploring the Hudl’s Links
          1. Google
          2. Speech recognition
          3. Tesco
        4. Finding the Hudl’s Hidden Menus
        5. Mastering Your Hudl’s Keyboard
        6. Setting Up the Hudl for a Child to Use
          1. Creating a separate account for a child (or other user)
          2. Limiting access to adult content
        7. Downloading Apps from the Google Play Store
      5. Chapter 4: Connecting the Hudl
        1. Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network
        2. Connecting to a Wi-Fi Hotspot
          1. Finding a hotspot
          2. Staying safe with Wi-Fi
        3. Connecting to Other Devices with Wi-Fi Direct
          1. Using Wi-Fi Direct
          2. Renaming your Hudl for easy ID
        4. Using Your Hudl’s Bluetooth Connection
          1. Starting and using Bluetooth
          2. Connecting a keyboard or speaker
          3. Sharing a web connection with your phone
        5. Connecting Your Hudl to a Computer
        6. Connecting Your Hudl to an HDTV
      6. Chapter 5: Staying in Touch
        1. Sending Emails from Gmail
          1. Opening and replying to an email
          2. Creating and sending a new email
          3. Sending photos by email
          4. Sending one email to several people
          5. Adding a signature to your email
        2. Adding More Email Accounts to Your Hudl
        3. Being Social with Facebook
          1. Applying privacy settings
          2. Finding friends
          3. Sharing messages and comments
          4. Setting up a child’s Facebook account
        4. Chatting to Friends with Skype
          1. Finding and adding Skype contacts
          2. Making a Skype call
          3. Calling landline and mobile phones
          4. Improving Skype call quality
      7. Chapter 6: Taking Photographs
        1. Taking Photos with Your Hudl
          1. Taking successful photos
          2. Getting more from your Hudl’s camera
          3. Taking pictures of your Hudl’s screen
          4. Creating panorama photos
        2. Recording Video on Your Hudl
        3. Viewing Photos on Your Hudl
          1. Displaying your photos
          2. Adding a profile picture
          3. Setting a photo as your Hudl’s background image
        4. Editing Photos on Your Hudl
          1. Adding effects
          2. Adjusting photo settings
          3. Undoing your changes
          4. Storing tags with your photos
        5. Editing Video on Your Hudl
          1. Viewing video details
          2. Editing video length
        6. Sharing Your Work with Others
        7. Storing Your Photos and Videos in Google Drive
          1. Copying Photos and Videos to Your Computer
      8. Chapter 7: Watching TV and Films
        1. Making the Most of YouTube
        2. Watching Free Programmes on Clubcard TV
        3. Tuning in to BBC iPlayer
          1. Setting parental controls
          2. Downloading programmes to watch later
          3. Watching live BBC programmes
        4. Renting and Buying Movies
        5. Getting content from blinkbox movies
        6. Getting content from the Google Play Store
      9. Chapter 8: Listening to Music
        1. Discover Free Music withblinkbox music
          1. Getting started with blinkbox music
          2. Searching for music
          3. Saving a blinkbox music station or track
          4. Customising blinkbox music
        2. Listening to Music with Spotify
          1. Signing up for Spotify
          2. Finding music to listen to
        3. Downloading Songs from a Music Subscription Service
          1. Buying music from the Google Play Store
          2. Playing music bought from Google Play Music
        4. Moving Music That You Already Own to Your Hudl
          1. Transferring music from your computer
          2. Saving your music to your Google account
      10. Chapter 9: Discovering Books and Magazines
        1. Buying and Reading Books on Your Hudl
          1. Getting books from blinkbox books
          2. Reading books in the blinkbox books app
          3. Buying books from the Google Play Store
          4. Using the Play Books e-reader app
        2. Downloading Other ebook Software
        3. Reading Magazines and Newspapers
          1. Browsing the Newsstand
          2. Getting the news from Flipboard
          3. Browsing magazines in Zinio
        4. Listening to Audiobooks on Your Hudl
      11. Chapter 10: Games and Entertainment
        1. Games for (Mostly) All Ages
          1. Classic board games
          2. Fast-paced puzzle games
          3. Racing games
          4. Sports games
          5. Adventure and role-playing games
        2. Children’s Games
          1. TV-based games
          2. Interactive games
          3. Silly fun
        3. Creativity Apps
          1. Drawing and painting
          2. Sketching and photo effects
          3. Music-making
      12. Chapter 11: Using Your Hudl to Get Organised
        1. Setting an Alarm on Your Hudl
        2. Using the Calendar App
        3. Creating a Family Calendar
          1. Creating an event
          2. Adding calendar widgets to a Home screen
          3. Organising your shopping with Cozi
        4. Saving Web Pages and Keeping Notes on Your Hudl
          1. Finding items online faster
          2. Saving web pages offline
          3. Scanning and saving documents in Evernote
        5. Saving Items to Your Hudl
          1. Saving your Hudl’s contents to Google Drive
          2. Sharing and creating documents in Drive
        6. Planning Your Travels with Your Hudl
      13. Chapter 12: Shopping on Your Hudl
        1. Making Secure Online Payments
        2. Keeping Your Bank-Account Info Secure
        3. Using Alternative Payment Options
        4. Ordering Groceries and Other Goods Online
          1. Doing your weekly grocery shop
          2. Shopping at other Tesco stores
          3. Shopping at other websites
          4. Bookmarking items to buy later
        5. Getting the Best Online Deals
          1. Searching for deals with Google
          2. Using shopping apps
      14. Chapter 13: Ten Troubleshooting Tips
        1. Keeping Your Hudl Powered Up
        2. Switching On a Stubborn Hudl
        3. Staying Up to Date
        4. Backing Up Absolutely Everything
        5. Unsticking a Frozen Screen
        6. Tracking Down Missing Apps
        7. Stopping Apps from Sharing Your Information
        8. Securing What’s On Your Hudl
        9. Keeping Your Hudl Connected
        10. Documenting Problems
      15. Chapter 14: Ten Ways to Customise Your Hudl
        1. Adding Accessories
        2. Changing the Wallpaper on Your Hudl
        3. Using Widgets to Customise Your Screens
        4. Organising Apps and Widgets
        5. Using Widgets as Shortcuts
        6. Changing Your Hudl’s Launcher
        7. Replacing Your Browser
        8. Making Multiple Search Engines Available
        9. Changing Your Input Options
        10. Making Your Hudl’s Screen Easier to Read
      16. About the Author
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    • Title: Hudl For Dummies, Portable Edition
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: June 2014
    • Publisher(s): For Dummies
    • ISBN: 9781118902196