Chapter 8

Listening to Music

In This Chapter

arrow Creating your own music stations with blinkbox music

arrow Listening to music online with Spotify

arrow Downloading music to listen to offline

arrow Getting music you already own onto your Hudl

There are lots of ways to enjoy music on your Hudl, with or without headphones plugged in. As long as the album or track you want to listen to is in a supported digital format — MP3 is the most common type — you’ll be able to play it on your Hudl. Your Hudl can also play WAV, OGG and Flac music files.

You can store music on the Hudl itself and play songs through the Play Music app or listen to songs that are stored on your computer (or somewhere else on your home network), saving you even having to copy them to your tablet.

You can also listen to songs online for free using blinkbox music. With blinkbox music, you can start listening to songs immediately rather than having to buy songs and download them to your Hudl to play them from there. Listening online is known as streaming, as music is sent in a continuous stream of data to your Hudl quickly enough that it ...

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