Chapter 12

Shopping on Your Hudl

In This Chapter

arrow Shopping online securely

arrow Buying groceries and other goods online

arrow Comparison-shopping on your Hudl

The Internet could have been invented for shopping. It’s an always-open shop front with an endless array of tempting goodies. No wonder online stores make it so easy to order with just one click. Shopping online is particularly convenient if you live a long way from the places you want to buy from.

Also, web purchases are better protected than high-street ones. If you shop online, you’ve an unassailable right to return your unused goods, whereas items bought in-store can’t be returned just because you changed your mind about them. Of course, it’s important to check you’re buying from a legitimate business before you give your card details at an online shop. I explain how to make these checks in this chapter.

Making Secure Online Payments

Because you’re typing your payment details into an online form and transmitting them over the Internet, it’s natural to worry about who can see your bank information and who’s receiving it at the other end. Whenever you shop online or give out your address and bank information, it’s vital that you check ...

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