ABC Constructions, 185188

Accountability in performance appraisal, 9495

climate building of organization, 112113

conditions building of organization, 113114

culture building of organization, 109112

issues and reasons

for lack at employee level, 103105

for lack at employer level, 105107

for lack at enterprise level, 107109

3E and 3C, organizational effectiveness model, 96102

Accountable Performance Award Scheme, 115116

Active learning, 167

Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, 22

Annual Confidential Reports (ACRs), 90

Appraisal process. See Performance appraisal

Appreciation wall, 40

Artha, 125126

Awards for recognition, 4041. See also specific awards

“Being-orientation,” importance of, 83

Bhagvad Gita, 123

Budget ...

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