A company’s ability to grow and stay on top of customer demand has always depended heavily on the quality of its people. Today, this relationship is even more relevant with a focus on creating an employee experience that meets the changing needs of the workforce. Businesses are now, more than ever, recognizing that a highly skilled and motivated workforce is mission critical — the talent within the business is the business.

Here are two overarching themes that form the foundation of this book:

  • The people who work within your business are your business.
  • Their needs and expectations are shaped by the dynamic, evolving environment in which we live.

As you peek into the world of human resources (HR), it’s important to focus more on the human and less on the human as a resource, in an effort to understand the motivators and preferences that the people within your business bring to their work and the workplace.

About This Book

Leaders and business owners who are intentional about building a strong organizational culture with engaged teams that consistently delight customers aren’t hard to spot. They’re the people who know how to attract and nurture these teams. In short, they’re very good at leading the people and talent processes within their business and creating an employee experience that’s meaningful and rewarding. In other words, they’re good at leading human resources.

But doing this well is no small feat. In any job market, competition exists for the most ...

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