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Human Rights, Democracy and Governance

Book Description

Human Rights, Democracy and Governance is one of the volumes of the series titled, Imagine a New South Asia, presented by ActionAid International Asia. This volume emphasizes on unity in South Asia based on liberty and fraternity. It acknowledges that the countries of this region are still enmeshed in post-colonial struggles of identity, which makes the idea of such a unity appear rather utopian at present, but stresses that nonetheless there can be no future for South Asians other than a united one. The book delves into the shared past of this region, and locates its unity in the shared landmass, climatic zone, history, religions, cultures, languages, folklores, myths and livelihood. It argues that the history of South Asia shows that the foundation for creating South Asian unity still exists. The chapters assess and analyse the state of affairs in areas of human rights, democracy, governance, political trends and the rise of regionalism in different South Asian countries, and suggest measures to strengthen ties.