Chapter 8

1. Thomas Friedman admitted almost as much in his conversation with Nayan Chanda, ‘I would argue that there have been three great eras of globalization. One I would call, for shorthand, Globalization 1.0. That was from about 1492 till 1800 when we saw the beginning of global arbitrage … The second great era was 1800 till the year 2000 … that era was really spearheaded by companies globalizing, for markets and for labour … and when “we’d entered Globalization 3” it requires “four things: quality infrastructure, quality education, quality environment, and quality investment laws.”’ Accessed 27 October 2007.

2. E. J. Hobsbawm (1992), The Age of Capita 1848–1875l, Rupa and Company. p. ...

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