At the time of writing this Epilogue, Nathan Wyatt (who I believe is Arnie) has been extradited to the United States, and the other two primary members of The Dark Overlord are not far behind.

Sadly, the Canadian justice system moves very slowly. However, things are moving, and I will share with you how on know.

On November 22, 2019, I received the following email from someone that sounded very familiar.

You know who I am. I can only speak via this email: vinnytroia@mailbox
.org, due to the position you put me in, you degenerate.
I am speaking to assess the damage you have done that I am not aware of.

I was very intrigued. Two days later, we setup a time to speak over Jabber under the alias “thegoodoldNSA”.

thegoodoldnsa:    Well here's what I know.
thegoodoldnsa:    Or, what I can infer.
thegoodoldnsa:    You told the F.B.I and others about me, and what I've done.
thegoodoldnsa:    You may have thought this was for not cooperating
                  with you, but to ruin someone's life (potentially),
                  is barbaric.
thegoodoldnsa:    What did I do that warrants something serious, as to
                  make sure I would be not only investigated by one,
                  but multiple agencies?
thegoodoldnsa:    And I can never get away from that conspiracy charge
                  as I'm sure you're aware.
thegoodoldnsa:    I am certain there's investigations, I am very
                  certain you have had a part in this.
thegoodoldnsa:    For reasons I cannot discuss.
thegoodoldnsa:    Those who told me are bound by law.
thegoodoldnsa: How someone I didn't deem a threat, ...

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