Striking the Right Balance of Environments for a Hybrid Cloud

Operational performance, security, economics and flexibility all have a great impact on an organization’s cloud strategy. Striking the right balance among public cloud services, private cloud, and the data center can come down to a mix of these factors or can be dominated by just one. Finding the right mixture of environments is critical for your organization to achieve the best value when creating a hybrid cloud strategy. Consider the following:

check.png Public clouds offer amazing capabilities for scalability; however, once you have ongoing knowledge of usage patterns, you may want the greater management and control of a private cloud.

check.png You may want to perform development and testing on one public cloud, because they have great support services, but you may then want to deploy it on a less expensive public cloud when it becomes operational.

check.png Public clouds give customers a great deal of control and flexibility over their costs. Although as time goes on, the costs of renting compute resources add up and it may become more economical to build your own infrastructure and create a private cloud.

Your organization may become too reliant ...

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