Developing and Delivering Applications with PaaS

One way organizations are looking to develop applications in the cloud and for the cloud is by using a PaaS approach. Developing in a PaaS environment differs from the way development organizations have designed software over the past few decades. In a traditional model, the development team may select a variety of different tools — operating systems, middleware, security products, and the like. If the team is very experienced, this is a fine choice. Many organizations have been very effective with this approach. However, typically, there are problems in managing complexity — especially in an era where more and more aspects of daily life are controlled by software.

We talk about some of these factors in the previous section, but the following list highlights a few factors that make it hard for development teams to synchronize their efforts, whether their work environment is on-premises or in the cloud:

check.png Teams are distributed across business units or different geographic regions of a company.

check.png Software code needs to work across multiple platforms and devices.

check.png The software development process requires individual components that all need ...

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