Getting Started in This New World

This emerging model that tears down boundaries between traditionally stove-piped systems is the future, but for execution, it requires a set of steps — not a single action. Just as company goals and priorities vary, no two companies will follow the exact same roadmap to transform IT. Therefore, this section is comprised of two parts:

check.png A description of the six tasks companies must accomplish to leverage their IT assets in a flexible manner.

check.png A real-world example of how one company implemented a hybrid cloud environment to change the dynamics of IT.

Six steps to increase IT flexibility

To leverage IT assets in a flexible manner, companies must accomplish the following tasks:

check.png Seamlessly integrate existing IT with new cloud-based delivery models. Breaking down the stove pipes among existing applications in the data center and cloud-based services requires a sophisticated approach to integration. Moving data across environments requires metadata mapping that ensures that the integration is accomplished in a meaningful manner.

check.png Migrate to flexible IT and business ...

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