Discovering What Changes with PaaS

As complexity increases and as applications are becoming increasingly dynamic, PaaS offers the potential to simplify the world of software development and deployment. PaaS helps reduce the complexity of the development process by

check.png Delivering and managing a set of abstracted middleware services that are either hosted in a public PaaS environment or managed in a private cloud environment

check.png Ensuring that one standardized set of services is used by those developing and deploying the applications

check.png Eliminating the installation and operational burden from an organization

One important benefit of PaaS is that it enables individuals developing applications and individuals deploying those applications to use the same services on the same platform. This approach takes away much of the misunderstanding that happens when two teams with different responsibilities aren’t in sync.

By encompassing both development and runtime services, PaaS can streamline the application lifecycle. In this section, we describe just how PaaS can help achieve this streamlining, including standardizing middleware, easing provisioning, working across an organization, and improving control. ...

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