Delivering Business Processes from the Cloud

We’re at the beginning of this world of hybrid clouds where companies large and small are able to leverage the different cloud models to knit together services with both routine and innovative process environments. The future evolution of many interesting business process services can be characterized as belonging to three different areas:

check.png Commodity business process services: These services are common to most businesses and are technically mature. They include services such as e-mail, accounting, and payment services. Although critical to the operations of most businesses, they’re not a differentiator. They simply are business requirements. Some commodity services can be quite complex, such as sophisticated accounting process systems.

check.png Specialized business process services: These services make a huge difference in the way a company competes. They could be specialized services, such as one used for molecular modeling or predictive analytics. These tend to be highly complex services to build and manage. Also, most companies won’t necessarily need them or have the infrastructure to support them on an ongoing basis.

check.png Foundational building ...

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