Considerations for Hybrid Cloud Storage

You might consider various scenarios for a storage architecture when you deploy a hybrid cloud. Remember that in a hybrid model, some of your resources and assets will be on-premises and some will live in the cloud. Here are some possible scenarios:

check.png Your applications and data are on-premises, and your tier 2 and 3 data is stored in a public cloud.

check.png Some of your applications are in a public cloud, your data is on-premises, and your storage is in a public cloud.

check.png You have a private cloud within your enterprise, and you’re managing a private cloud that’s hosted elsewhere.

check.png Some of your applications are in a public cloud along with your data. Some of your applications and data are on-premises. Your storage is both in the cloud and on-premises.

You get the idea. In a hybrid world, there can be multiple permutations in terms of how you architect your applications, data, and storage. So, here’s what you need to be thinking about in terms of storage as you deploy a hybrid cloud:

Interfaces: To store and retrieve data, your applications need an API that ...

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